PART 3- Meditation

There are no hard and fast rules to meditation. I consider all practices means to the way, and mental stillness is the only goal. Meditation is a vehicle to intuition- a bike, a skateboard, crawling, can all get you to the same place. So can different types of meditation.

Meditation is a lot like what I was told about personal flotation devices- the one that saves your life is the one you do.

Breathe, release, allow.

But even if your mind never settles, even if you can’t be still- it is the act of trying that will…

Part 1. The Why.

Meditation is my best piece of advice. I’m leading with that, in case you don’t read any farther. Just do breathe, release and allow for 10 minutes a day, you will never regret it.

The next part of this comes with a heavy trigger warning. It’s safe to say that many of our “WHY” stories do.

My why is pretty straightforward. I needed to create massive generational shifts to save my own life and fully advocate for my family. …

Part 2- The How.

I couldn’t keep him safe- I had to let that go, for both of us. I could do my best but the real key to his success was what it had always been, for him or for anyone else- personal insight into one’s own condition. And who the f*** was I to tell him what was possible for him? Or even for myself?

What kind of caregiver was I, really, when I was utterly hopeless myself? I thought I had to be as small as possible, and just get through this life. THIS LIFE- this one…

Normalize Symptoms of Schizophrenia for Earlier Interventions.

I have discovered some truths about a topic that no one is willing to talk about. That is one of them, right there. It’s schizophrenia, and it’s a big elephant in a lot of rooms.
Schizophrenia affects over 1% of the population, and shares features with other disorders that also experience psychosis as a symptom, which brings the total up past 3%, and even more when substance induced psychosis is included.
Pretty much, everyone knows someone who is affected by one of these disorders, whether it’s talked about or not.
Some of the…

You Must be Capital, and Labor for Love.

If there is one thing that has become abundantly clear as we watch the working class collapse and the richest get richer beyond any comprehensible scale we can really imagine, it is that these days, labor doesn’t get you far. You cannot trade hourly labor for enough money to exchange your life for unless you really, really love what you’re doing.
What is it that the rich have that keep them getting richer? Well, obviously, money- but that’s not really it. The rich have capital to “work” for them, and they are…

Seven Reasons I LOVE Being Wrong.

  1. When I am wrong, it’s a pretty good indication that I’m not delusional. If my mind can change on a subject, even to doubt and waver, it’s a sign that my thinking is still flexible. Have you ever tried to reason with someone who’s delusional? It’s not possible. The more you argue, the more the delusion sets. This isn’t from any deficiency within the person, it’s a medical condition; a symptom of an unhealthy brain.
  2. I am at peace, or at least neutral, if I’m changing my mind- I am at my most resisting…

The Mountain.

I learned my Taoism young and from necessity: hold up the mountain or crumble with it. There is no better without change, and I have tried to understand that, accept or even find strength in the crumbling of mountains- the tumbling of momentum can be exhilarating if you let it, it’s hard to always live in terror.

It’s come in a series of tiny leaps and giant bounds. I had some clear revelations that moved me along, but didn’t sum up the problem in my life, what it was that I was always feeling the lack of… I…

Priorities. We’re doing so much, when really, the little we need is massive. And ignored.

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction.” Albert Einstein.

I know that we need water, I know that we need air, I know we need to sleep, I know we need to eat, and I know that we are all the same, connected for having these same, simple needs.

Everything else about how I believe I should live, what it all…

Ancient Knowledge.

When the world feels chaotic to me, it helps me to focus on the base of my pyramid, the most simple, fundamental pieces of knowledge. I call this ancient knowledge because there are laws that apply to any human, ever, throughout time, and have always worked the same way.

Sometimes, I’ll be so caught up in social media and politics that there’ll be a rampage of intrusive thoughts and emotions gnawing at me, and that’s when I have to say, enough. …

Review of “Hypnosis for Accepting Your True Self”, published by UltraHypnosis, May 20, 2016.

I did this hypnosis first thing in the morning, on a morning I was looking for some deep confidence to accomplish big things that I come close to, and then back off from out of fear, and my constant battle with anxiety.

I was really excited to have this one saved, and had been keeping it for a perfect day. I like morning meditations that are about 15–25 minutes long most mornings, so at 23:06, this was a good amount of time for me today.


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